Plastic Paint

A range of aerosol paints in 4 colours for re-colouring plastic components.

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Features & Benefits

  • 4 colours available - Comprehensive range from one source
  • Suitable for most plastics - Use with confidence
  • Quick and easy - No mixing required or wastage
  • No wastage - Saves money
  • Excellent coverage with each coat - Saves time
  • Compatible with leading paint systems - No comebacks


500 ml Black 83795 SDS TDS
500 ml Dark grey 83796 SDS TDS
500 ml Grey 83797 SDS TDS
500 ml Light grey 83798 SDS TDS


Plastic Paints are designed to re-colour repaired or faded plastic components such as Bumpers, Side Skirts, Front and Rear Spoilers, Fan Shrouds, Dashboards, Centre Consoles, Interior Plastic Trims, grilles, etc.


1. Thoroughly clean all trim to be painted with Kent Plastic Prep (KPP). Allow to dry.
2. To improve adhesion use a KENT Abrasive paper or D.A.Disc to abrade surface lightly.
3. If necessary, mask off area to be sprayed.
4. Spray from a distance of 30 cm using many thin coats to cover surface.
5. Turn can upside down and spray after use to prevent clogging.