Petrol Valve Cleaner

Cleans the combustion chamber, valves, valve stems, the turbo and the complete exhaust line of petrol engines

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Features & Benefits

  • Formulated to clean the exhaust after treatment of exhaust gases (catalysts, particulate filters, NOx traps) - de-scales and cleans the turbo’s variable geometry without disassembly
  • Increases motor efficiency due to better flow of exhaust gases - reduces greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, NOx and particles)
  • Reduces fuel consumption - extends the life of the catalyst and particulate filters


0.75 l 86956 SDS


"Petrol Valve Cleaner is an unprecedented cleaning system designed for turbo engines and catalytic converters, without disassembling.

Its highly concentrated formula, based on active agents will eliminate the soot responsible for the seizing of variable geometry turbo and the clogging of catalytic converters.

Petrol Valve Cleaner is compatible with all petrol engines."


1.Add the Petrol Valve Cleaner to the fuel tank containing AT LEAST 25L and max of 45L.
2.During the cleaning process, keep the engine over 3500rpm in order to clean the system.
ADVICE : In order to achieve the best result, cover (if possible) 40 miles on a motorway and keep the engine over 3500rpm.