Petrol One Shot 2

Petrol One Shot 2 is a specific and effective short term rapid cleaner for petrol engines to compliment the long term fuel treatment of Fuel Guard 2.

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Features & Benefits

  • Tested under “VW Waterboxer Inlet Valve Sticking Test” conditions - Specific Euro 5 compliant additive
  • Increased levels of dispersant and detergency additives - effective cleaner for all parts of the fuel supply
  • Improved carbon and ash removal and dispersion - cleans the injectors
  • Improved water absorption capability - carry water through the combustion system
  • Ultra low aromatic hydrocarbon content - Reduced NOx emissions
  • High flash point - Not classified as flammable
  • Suitable for the application in hybrid vehicles - Maintains/improves the oxidation stability (no fuel deterioration)


250 ml Amber 84594 SDS TDS


New EU Directive 2007/715/ EC has resulted in Euro 5 emission standards with effect September 2009.
Petrol One Shot 2 has been reformulated using an additive that is compliant with “VW Waterboxer Intake Valve Sticking Test” constraints (CEC F-16-T-96).
Petrol One Shot 2 can also be used with bio ethanol fuel systems as per EU directive 2001/77/EC: Petrol One Shot 2 will take up any free water in the system due to water contamination caused by water/ethanol phase separation.
Petrol One Shot 2 has improved water absorption capabilities to quickly disperse water and carry it through the combustion system.
Petrol One Shot 2 is a rapid and effective cleaner for all parts of the fuel supply and combustion systems to restore lost cylinder compressions and engine performance and efficiency.
It dissolves and removes harmful gums, tars, varnishes, lacquers, corrosion and moisture from inside the fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel pumps, fuel rails, intake systems, injectors and combustion chambers.
The ashless dispersant and detergent quickly reduces harmful exhaust emissions and restores lost fuel economy.
Petrol One Shot 2 has been independently tested to ensure it is compatible with and does not harm seals, gaskets, elastomers, plastics, catalytic convertors and any other materials used in the manufacture of motor vehicle fuel and combustion systems


For best results, apply complete bottle to fuel tank containing not more than 15 litres of fuel. Run engine until tank would normally be topped up.
For preventive maintenance routine, add a complete bottle to the full fuel tank.