Performance NLR

A fast, safe and easy to use cleaner for leather trim.

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Features & Benefits

  • Water Based - safer in use on sensitive leather
  • Solvent free - will not strip natural oils from leather
  • Silicone free - body shop safe
  • Easy to use - saves time
  • “Original leather” odour - leaves “as new” smell


1 l Translucent 86877 SDS TDS


Performance NLR (Natural Leather Restorer) is an easy to use cleaning solution designed to lift ingrained dirt from leather, leaving a clean, fresh and natural smelling surface. It is ideal for trim such as seats, door trim panels and dashboards. Performance NLR will not remove protective oils which are important for a natural soft, non cracking and supple leather. A perfect protection for the leather, would be the use of a special leather crème KENT Performance NLC afterwards.


1. Attach the siphon applicator (Part number 83879) to the bottle.
2. Spray a light coating onto the leather to be treated.
3. Leave to act for up to 2 minutes, then remove residue with a damp (not wet) clean cloth, frequently rinsing out the cloth with fresh water.