Multi-Bond HT

Heat resistant spray adhesive for fast and strong bonding of a wide range of substrates

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Features & Benefits

  • High initial grab - no need to clamp trims
  • Versatile adhesive - bonds a wide range of materials to each other
  • Clean and easy to use - no excessive overspraying
  • High temperature resistance - up to 115°C
  • Variable application system - nozzle allows high, medium or low discharge setting


500 ml Transparent 86668 SDS TDS


For permanent bonding of carpets, foam sheets and pads, metal sheets, rigid plastics, FRP/GRP, MDF, chipboard, plywood and timber sheets in general.
The heat resistance feature makes Multi-Bond HT the ideal solution to bond automotive headliners to the inside roofs of cars, trucks, buses and yachts, as these can become very hot under the sunlight. Also ideal for bonding fabric onto the foam cushions of heated car seats or large metal sheets onto industrial worktops nearby heat sources like ovens.
Other applications include flooring, paper, fabrics, card, hessian, cork and felt. Not suitable for flexible PVC, Vinyl, flexible plastics, PP, PE or Polystyrene.
Always make a small surface compatibility test prior to application.


1. Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean and dry. Shake can thoroughly before use.
2. Applying from a suitable distance of 25-30 cm, evenly & lightly coat both surfaces to be bonded.
3. Leave until adhesive is tack dry (around 2 minutes).
4. Bond surfaces together using firm pressure.
5. Remove excess adhesive by wiping with KENT Acrysol or KENT Soft Surface Cleaner.
6. Invert can and spray out to prevent clogging of the nozzle.