MS Steel HS

MS Polymer-based sealer for applications where a shiny metal finish is required

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Features & Benefits

  • Very shiny and bright silver finish, excellent for application on stainless steel and aluminum with a good colour match.
  • Solvent
  • isocyanate and PVC free - Safe for user
  • Increase adhesive strength by using with MS prep
  • Very good UV resistance and ageing properties
  • Stays flexible after curing - Will not shrink, crack or harden
  • Neutral odour - User friendly
  • No blistering while curing giving a smooth seal


290 ml Silver 86066 SDS TDS


MS Steel HS is a unique formulation based on MS polymer technology. The product provides high levels of performance while retaining the benefits of a safe and non-hazardous formulation.
MS Steel HS is ideally suitable for flexible adhesive sealing of various surfaces.
MS Steel HS can be used for sealing joints with low ability to absorb movement. Ideal for applications on stainless steel and aluminum (kitchens, labs, advertising, metal frames, etc.). Not suitable to be used in contact with natural and artificial stone.


The surfaces to be glued must be solid, capable of bearing loads, clean, grease-free and free of dust (use KENT Soft surface cleaner).
The surface might be slightly humid. All substrates must be compatible with MS Steel HS in accordance with DIN 52452, Section 1
i.e. they may neither contain bitumen nor tar. In the case of plastics, adhesion and compatibility must be tested in each individual case. When using MS Steel HS on coated surfaces, compatibility should be tested before proceeding further. For example, when applied to acrylic coatings, plasticizer migration can lead to reduced adhesion.
MS Steel HS has no adhesion on polyolefines (eg. PE, PP), polyhalogenolefines (eg. Teflon™) and similar plastics.