Manual Pad – Rectangular

The Rectangular Backing Pad is ideal for areas that cannot be reached by machine, for example due to high panel curvature. It can also be used for tight panel intersections. The Pad is effectively a two-in-one product as shown opposite.

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Features & Benefits

  • Durable construction - suitable for all industries, even in intensive use.
  • Rectangular section - Ideal for small area working
  • Ultra fine special grip Velcro - suitable for either Hook-It or Stick-It systems
  • Quick disc centering - fast and controlled sanding or matting


1 PC Black / Orange / Yellow A1240 TDS


The Pads are ideal for use on curved surfaces or for parts of panels that are not easily accessed by a machine.

The robust manufacture makes them suitable for use in intensive applications


1. Select the correct disc grit for the job
2. Fix the disc to the manual pad
3. When the sanding disc has reached the end of its life, remove and replace with a new disc
4. The pad can also be used with 150mm discs. The discs are wrapped around the profile to allow ‘corner sanding’.