Liquid Wax 2

Hand applied liquid cleaner/wax restores paint to give a brilliant shine. Removes light grease, road film, rust proofing, tar and light to medium oxidation

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Features & Benefits

  • No harsh abrasives to scratch finishes
  • No streak formulation
  • No residual haze
  • No hard to remove deposits
  • Contains silicone polymers


1. Apply with a cloth to a clean, cool surface, working one section at a time.
2. Allow to dry.
3. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth, buffing lightly if necessary, for a show room shine.


473 ml Light brown 34548 SDS TDS

Virucide complies with EN14476

Surface Clean & Disinfect
not only cleans and disinfects,
it also acts against enveloped viruses.

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