HST Clear

A reinforced and high tack clear acrylic double sided tape providing a superior bond to most plastics and metals.

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Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding bonding properties - consistent long lasting adhesion
  • Virtually invisible after application - excellent for cosmetic fixtures and repairs
  • Great conformability and stretching - ideal for special visual and design requirements
  • UV -and temperature resistant - excellent weathering properties
  • Sound deadening - offers good acoustical insulation between glass wall partitions
  • Easy-release liner - user friendly


1. All surfaces to bonded must be clean and dry and free from contaminants. Care must be taken to ensure that plastic moulded components are free from release agents.
2. Apply a uniform pressure to promote a good contact between the material to be bonded and the tape.
3.The adhesion between the substrate and the tape increases with time, typically reaching final bond strength in 72 hours.


6 mm x 5 m Transparent 86578 SDS
12 mm x 5 m Transparent 86579 SDS
12 mm x 10 m Transparent 86582 SDS
19 mm x 5 m Transparent 86580 SDS
25 mm x 5 m Transparent 86581 SDS

Virucide complies with EN14476

Surface Clean & Disinfect
not only cleans and disinfects,
it also acts against enveloped viruses.

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