High Bond One Shot

Structural adhesive for bonding metal to glass

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Features & Benefits

  • Fast - handling strength achieved after 5 minutes
  • No clamping required - bonds in 15 to 30 seconds
  • Strong - high resistance to impacts and vibrations
  • Primer in a bottle with brush - no waste of product or overspraying
  • Optimal packaging - easy application without the need of additional tools


0,5ml Adhesive + 0,5ml Primer Transparent 86901 SDS TDS
3 x 0,5ml Adhesive + 3x 0,5ml Primer Transparent 86903 SDS TDS


Designed for small structural assemblies of metal to glass, e.g. rear view mirror brackets on vehicle windscreens.


1. Mark the location of the mirror bracket on the outside of the windshield for reference.
2. Thoroughly clean the glass mounting surface and the mirror bracket. Use a razor blade to remove stubborn adhesive residues and degrease with Soft Surface Cleaner.
3. Crack the glass tube inside the plastic tube with the primer, letting the fluid wet the brush on top. Brush the primer on the glass where the bracket will be installed and then brush the primer on the mirror bracket. Let the primer dry for 30 seconds.
4. Rip the small edge off the adhesive and apply two drops of the adhesive to the bracket. When you are ready to install the rearview mirror bracket, be careful to place it exactly on the previously marked location.
5. Hold the bracket steady for 15 to 30 seconds.
6. Wait 5 minutes before removing any excess adhesive with a razor blade and install the rearview mirror on the bracket.