Graphene Primer

Graphene Primer supremely protects surfaces against corrosion and forms exceedingly strong adhesion over years

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Features & Benefits

  • Remarkablel corrosion protection - 1750+ hours salt spray test
  • Zinc Free - Less environmentally hazardous
  • Exceedingly strong adhesion to metallic surfaces - Mild Steel, Aluminium, electrogalvanized steel etc.
  • Unusually fast drying - overpaintable after 20 minutes
  • Excellent Flexibility DIN EN ISO 6860 & ASTM D522 - No cracking or delemenation of paint film
  • Excellent barrier properties - Graphene enormously extend coating life
  • Anti-sag properties - to achieve high coat depths


500 ml Dark grey 86718 SDS TDS


Graphene Primer is an anti-corrosion primer of the highest quality, specially formulated for best corrosion resistance to provide exceptional adhesion to the substrate and excellent compatibility with the latest generation of water based as well as solvent based paints. Graphene Primer can be used on all types of metallic surfaces, most rigid plastics as well on most synthetic paints and coatings. The dried graphene layer is both UV-resistant, can be used under and over puttys, is weldable and spot weldable.


1. Clean repair area with KENT Acrysol. Ensure the surfaces completely grease and dust free and allow to dry

2. Prepare the surface, sanding by machine or manually with P240

3. Shake can thoroughly before use due to the high solid content. As a guide 2 minutes after loosening the ball.

4. Apply light coats from a distance of 15 - 20cm

5. Apply as many coats as necessary to achieve total and even coverage, leaving at least 10 minutes between each application

6. Sanding or application of finishing paints, may be undertaken as little as 20 minutes following application of the final coat depending on ambient temperature, humidity and coating depth.