General Hand Cleaner

Cleanses deep into the pores, and is gentle on the skin.

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Features & Benefits

  • Highly concentrated - only 3 ml required for thorough cleaning Contains finely ground walnut shell meal as natural abrasive agents - removes stubborn dirt Contains skin friendly surfactants and neutral high grade fatty acid - efficiently cleanses skin but keeps hands smooth and maintains protective skin film Dermatological tests rated as “Very Good” - no allergic or toxic-irritative reactions during such a test pH neutral to skin and silicone free - body shop safe


2 l Beige 86683 TDS
3 l Beige 86598 TDS


A general purpose hand cleaner which removes soiling caused by oils, fats, tar, bitumen, inks, greases, etc. Cleanses deep into the pores while being gentle on the skin.


1. Apply using a dispensing system to avoid contamination.
2. Rub into hands to loosen soiling.
3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
4. Dry hands thoroughly and apply after care if required.