Developed specially to protect and prime panels prior to over–painting. Galvapro is a fast drying weldable galvaniser with excellent film coverage and finish.

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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces - Product will not run
  • Quick drying time - Can be overpainted within 30 minutes
  • Smooth finish - Makes overpainting easy
  • Compatible with leading paint systems - No comebacks
  • Good conductivity - Ideal for spot and shielded arc welding
  • 24 month shelf life - Life long storage


400 ml Light grey 34547 SDS TDS


Galvapro is an aerosol cold galvaniser, that is designed to place a protective galvanised coating on steel panels.
It will be used by body shops conducting repairs on galvanised panels that have had the OEM coating damaged as a result of accident and repair work. It is also suitable as a spot weldable primer due to its first class ability at conducting electrical flow.
Galvapro is a tough, protective coating which provides an excellent base for most types of paint and can be over-painted in 30 minutes.


1. Surfaces to be coated should be cleaned with Acrysol or Speedy 500.
2. Shake can well before use for approximately 1 minute until the metal agitator ball moves freely.
3. Spray a thin layer of Galvapro from a distance of 25-30cm. Allow to dry. Repeat if desired.
4. After use, clear the spray nozzle by spraying once or twice, holding the can upside down.
NB: If covering a large surface, shake can regularly.