Floor Cleaner

A highly concentrated cleaner for use in floor cleaning machines.

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Features & Benefits

  • Dissolves persistent dirt - effective and intensive cleaning
  • High substrate compatibility - universally applicable
  • Good soil-carrying capacity - long lasting cleaning action
  • Low foaming properties - suitable for professional use in all common floor cleaning machines
  • Highly concentrated - economical in use
  • Contains no NTA - safe in use
  • Silicone free - body shop safe


1 l Dark green 86458 SDS TDS


KENT Floor Cleaner Machine is a highly concentrated product containing active substances developed for the use in floor cleaning machines to clean intensely soiled floors. It can be applied also on tempered uncoated hall floors (e.g. concrete floors, epoxy-coated floors) and tiles. KENT Floor Cleaner for the machine offers a good soil-carrying capacity and low foaming properties. Suitable for use in all common floor cleaning machines (e.g. scrubber-driers, sweepers, vacuum sweepers and combined sweepers and scrubber-driers).


Machine application: Use a 0.5% - 5% dilution of the cleaner. For best results, pre-spray the surface which is to be cleaned.
Manual use: Depending on soiling and heaviness of the dirt dilute the cleaner in a ratio of 1:10 to 1:20 with water.