Specially developed for paint preparation and finishing before polishing

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Features & Benefits

  • - Higher efficiency and better sanding performance - Clean workplace environment - Improved paint surface - Simple grinding of contoured surfaces, corners and sharp edges


15 PC / P2000 Grey 150 mm A1346
15 PC / P3000 Grey 150 mm A1347
15 PC / P4000 Grey 150 mm A1348


Specially developed for surface preparation and finishing prior to polishing gelcoat, automotive finishes, SMC, fibreglass reinforced plastics (GRP), lacquers, etc.

Perfect for speeding up the polishing process.


Use for: Removing Orange Peel and to improve the final aspect of the finish

For De-Nibbing and removal of runs and sags

For best results it is recommended to use with water, using a 2.5mm orbit sander.