Engine Flush

KENT Engine Flush is a blend of highly refined mineral oil, lubricating additives, dispersants, detergents, vegetable esters and emulsifiers. Designed to remove moisture, dirt and carbon deposits from an internal combustion engine.

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Features & Benefits

  • Maintains Engine Oil Viscosity - No Reduction in Oil Film Strength and Lubrication
  • Absorbs Water Contamination in the Lubrication System - Reduces risk of corrosion
  • Free from Harsh Solvents - Will not damage engine components
  • Contains Effective Sludge and Carbon Dispersant Additives - Frees sticking Piston Rings & Improves Compressions
  • Contains Anti-Wear Additives - Protects Engine components during cleaning
  • High Flash Point - Not Classified as Flammable, easier transport and storage


250 ml Amber 86119 SDS TDS


KENT Engine Flush is added to the engine crankcase lubricant prior to an oil change and is designed to dissolve gums, tars and varnish, disperse sludge and carbon deposits, giving improved oil circulation, reduced ring sticking, and improved performance.
It is important that the lubricating properties and viscosity of the used, tired old engine oil are not adversely affected while the Engine Flush is in use. KENT Engine Flush ensures that the viscosity and lubricity of the engine oil is not adversely affected during the cleaning process.
KENT Engine Flush contains an extreme pressure bearing lubricant that protects mechanical parts during cleaning on both diesel and petrol engines.
For the internal cleaning of engine components, including oil sump, oil pick up assembly, pump, lines, drive shaft bearings, piston rods, cam-shaft and cams, lubricated turbo-charger and injection pump, cylinder liners, piston rings and their seats, mechanical and hydraulic valve lifters and all lubricated surfaces subjected to friction.


1. Add KENT Engine Flush to the engine crankcase, check the oil level and ensure that the reading is normal.
2. Start the engine, run up to normal operating temperature and depending on engine size, allow to idle for 10-20 minutes.
3. Do not drive the vehicle.
4. On vehicles with an oil capacity in excess of 4.5 Litres, allow the engine to run for the full 20 minutes, or use 2 treatments.
5. For smaller engines use one 250ml treatment only.
6. Stop engine, drain oil, renew filter and add clean oil to the crankcase.