Safe work for electricians with insulating e-Gloves! - Gloves for the maintenance of electric -and hybrid vehicles

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Features & Benefits

  • Class 0 gloves suitable for a maximum working AC voltage of 1000V
  • Certified for resistance to acid (Category A), Ozone (Category Z), and very low temperatures (Category C)
  • Ideal for applications with a risk of touch voltage AC ≥50V
  • Made from 100 % natural rubber latex using a proprietary environmentally friendly dipping process
  • Gloves provide hands with ultimate flexibility and dexterity while working
  • Risk of hand fatigue is reduced by the ergonomic hand-at-rest shape
  • Flared cuff design allows room for clothing sleeves
  • Smooth finish of the gloves enables easier donning and doffing
  • Longer glove length ideal for protecting more of the wrist
  • Suitable for a range of applications, from automotive and electronics to repairs and maintenance


1 par - Størrelse M Yellow V2274 TDS
1 par - Størrelse L Yellow V2275 TDS
1 par - Størrelse XL Yellow V2276 TDS


KENT's premium e-Gloves are designed to be worn to disconnect electric and hybrid batteries of a vehicle up to a maximum voltage of 1000V. Before working on an electric or hybrid car, we recommend following the requirements from the OEM of the vehicle. Please also follow other safety requirements and wear protective clothing, as necessary.
The e-glove is made from 100% natural rubber and it is very comfort and flexible. This voltage class 0 glove gives arc flash protection for Class 1 according to EN 61482-1-2.


Before each use, follow the Instruction of use that is equipped with every glove.

e-Gloves are the first choice for many applications on electric parts in the atomotive area where safety is highly required:
- Automotive - electric & hybrid engine electrical protection for the automotive aftermarket
- Applications with risk of touch voltage AC/DC ≥50V
- Electrical contractors
- Electronics
- Maintenance repairs and operations (MRO) in industrial environments
- Power maintenance, repair and transmission
- Public utilities