Certanium 707SP Super Gold

Ultra high quality Crack Resistant Dissimilar Steel Electrode

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Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with all steels including stainless - Weld any steel with confidence in repair quality
  • One rod for all steel types - Reduced inventory/margin for error
  • Gives high strength crack free welds - Quality repair every time
  • Stable arc, even at low amps - Easy to use
  • Use to remove broken studs/bolts - Saves expensive replacement or machinery Downtime
  • Welds through contaminants and rust - Saves time in preparation


4 kg Grey 84270 SDS TDS
4 kg Grey 84271 SDS TDS
4 kg Grey 84272 SDS TDS


All carbon and alloy steels
low, medium, high in all positions. All tool steels, manganese steels and specialty steels in thick-to-thin designs. Will actually deposit on noncommercial AC or DC power sources having very low open circuit voltage characteristics. Welds fillets with no slag interference.


Clean surface. Adjust amperage within recommended range and deposit material maintaining short to medium arc length.
Tilt electrode 15° in the direction of travel. For rapid filleting raise amperage slightly and drag weld inclining the electrode 45° in the direction of travel. Back-whip craters and remove slag between passes.