Carbon Block Kit

Carbon bars for quick removal of paint defects: swirls, staining, orange peel, etc.

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Features & Benefits

  • For easy removal of swirls, staining, orange peel paint defects
  • No hazardous components - no solvents required
  • Can be used over and over again - economical in use


1 kit, 5 PC 85626 TDS


The safest and most durable way to eliminate any type of paint defects


Note: before using for the first time the carbon bars, keep them immersed into water for 24 hours.
Fill half of the container with water and immerge the bars and the support so to be completely soaked in water and get down to the bottom of the container (for about 24 hours).
1. Choose the bar grit according to the kind of application to do (P800 or P1500).
2. Round off the corners rubbing the bar onto the rectangular support.
3. Wet the surface to be treated and move the bar keeping it parallel to the working area.
4. Always work using water.
5. End the work always using the P3000 bar, before rounding off the corners.
6. Wipe off and polish as usual.
Always keep the bars into the waterproof container, immersed in water.