Blue Grease

Blue grease is a high performance, multi-purpose grease. Formulated with a highly refined mineral oil, thickened with a lithium – complex soap and contains EP additives for anti-wear protection.

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Features & Benefits

  • Excellent temperature resistance - Works in extreme operating conditions
  • Good pressure resistance - Reduces wear due to friction
  • Good water-wash out resistance - Will not emulsify with water
  • Excellent adhesion to metal substrates - Stays where it is applied
  • Resistant to corrosion and oxidation - Protects moving parts
  • Good compatibility with other greases - Less chance of cross contamination problems


400 g Blue 34949 SDS TDS
1 l Blue 34961 SDS TDS
5 l Blue 34962 SDS TDS


Application areas for Blue Grease include: bearings, pivots, hinges, cables, linkages & gear mechanisms, mechanical hoists, conveyor systems, water pumps & generators, fork lifts in refrigerated environments, textile equipment and general greasing especially under heavy loads and high temp conditions.
Due to its excellent resistance to water, Blue Grease is ideal for industry where lubricants are required for moving components that are open to the elements, such as fork lift trucks and cranes.
Blue Grease is particularly good in applications where the coated surface is regularly exposed to high pressure water cleaning, or may come into contact with acids, alkalis, detergents or salt water.


1. For best results the surface has to be free from dust, dirt, oxidation and old grease residue.
2. Clean the surface with Acrysol/ Surface Cleaner/ Soft Surface Cleaner and allow to dry.
3. Apply Blue Grease.