A high quality solvent for cleaning a variety of surfaces.

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Features & Benefits

  • Pure “Virgin” solvent - Leaves no oily film or residues
  • All purpose body solvent which removes uncured sealers, waxes, greases & adhesives - Reduced inventory
  • Removes silicones - Prevents “Fish Eye”, fewer customer complaints
  • Very fast drying - Saves time
  • Highly refined product - No residual odours


1 l Transparent 83925 SDS TDS
500 ml Transparent 83930 SDS TDS


Preparation is key to successful results in many workshop practices, particularly when working with either paint or adhesive. Acrysol is designed to thoroughly clean and degrease surfaces, before flashing off and leaving a perfectly clean and contamination free surface that is ideal for painting or adhering to. It is a must if there is silicone present on a panel shortly to be painted, or if high strength tape is to be used.
It is safe to use on most surfaces without damaging whilst still having enough cleaning power to remove any residue. Acrysol is also suitable for removing transit waxes from new vehicles.


1. Spray/apply Acrysol onto the surface to be treated.
2. Wipe with a clean dry cloth / allow to flash off.
3. Repeat, if necessary.