A dye for use in conjunction with a UV lamp in identifying leak areas in Air Conditioning systems

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use - No lengthy training required
  • Fast and easy clean up - Saves time
  • Meets SAE J-2297 - Conforms to approved specification
  • Reduces downtime and operation costs - saves money
  • Removes guesswork - Saves time and labour.


240 ml Dark brown 85633 SDS


When applied to an air conditioning system, Air Con Dye will mix with the refrigerant and circulate throughout the system. At the area of the leak, a small amount of UV dye will escape and stain the area with a fluorescent dye, allowing the operator to see this with the aid of the UV lamp and enhancing glasses. A repair can then be conducted to the affected area. Universal A/C dye is compatible with all refrigerants up to R134A.


The injection gun injects the dye into the A/C system without the need to evacuate any refrigerant. To use, proceed with the following steps:
1. Set up the UV injection gun and hose as per the instructions on the UV Gun/Hose Customer Data Sheet.

Remove the drip cap from the R-134a adapter
then connect the gun to the low side port of the A/C system. (Fig.4)
2. Inject dye into the A/C system by squeezing the trigger twice. This is enough dye for a typical vehicle. For smaller systems, squeeze the trigger only once.
3. Disconnect the adapter from A/C system
then attach the drip cap to the adapter hose.