Leak Stop without harmful polymers, will not harm or clog A/C system components or recovery machines.

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Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for R134a - contains the right coupling for R134a refrigerant Multi-purpose use - suitable for belt and electric driven compressors Stops leaks - effective on rubber, metal, gaskets and O-Rings Compatible with all oils - one product for PAG, POE and PAO Aids leak detection - contains UV dye Easy to use - singe use product Quick connection - one hose with each can


28,5 ml 86638 SDS TDS


KENT A/C Stop Leak is specially developed to stop leaks with the old refrigerant R134a. KENT decided to develop an A/C Stop Leak which works perfectly with all A/C oils (PAG, POE, PAO) on the market. The product works with all types of compressors (belt driven, electric driven) and it stops leaks in rubber, metal, evaporators, O-Rings and all used gaskets. The additional UV dye will also help to locate leaks in case of larger leaks. KENT A/C Stop Leak doesn’t contain any refrigerant.