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There are many different applications when it comes to signage, exhibitions, stands and booth construction. Our approach is to make your life easier by making bonded joints simpler, more resilient and more reliable and to provide your signage, displays and surfaces with a brilliant finish.

A selection of high quality products suitable for any kind of signage and exhibition applications

Cleaning Category

Dirt is an everyday problem that occurs in the form of glues, fingerprints and other residues from tapes or during transportation. Signage and display products should always be clean as they have only one purpose: to advertise the company, its products and its services.

Soft Surface Cleaner

A highly versatile, non-aggressive industrial solvent cleaner

  • Almost on all surfaces – especially for furniture construction where many different substrates are used
  • Removal of glue residues produced during edge preparation and transportation tapes
  • Airs off quickly and leaves no traces for intermediate cleaning

Speedy 500

A high strength solvent which cuts through a wide variety of adhesives, cements and glues

  • Our wonder weapon – very strong against adhesive residues
  • Concentrated formulation – economically achieves superior finish
  • Evaporates quickly without leaving any residue

Our tip: Ideal for cleaning outdoor signage as it removes dirt, verdigris, moss and insects.

Our tip: Existing residues of sealants are very hard to remove - mechanically it can damage the surface. If you have many issues with heavy glue or adhesive residues this is you option.

Adhesives Category

Adhesives can play a big role in your daily work, but they need to be high quality as well. The “Bonding instead of drilling" approach then embraces its full benefits and becomes the time-saving alternative that does not damage surfaces by drilling or screws.

Rapid Bond

Our versatile methacrylate adhesive range

  • Suitable for applications where riveting was previously used, e.g. for the creation of advertising boards or light boxes made of Dibond panels
  • Structural bonding of most surfaces
  • High tensile force up to 250 kg/cm²

Super Bond Range

Innovative high quality products for instant bonding

  • Replaces welding for aluminium and steel connections, steel and plastics
  • PVC banner and canvas bonding
  • Improved formula – resistant to high temperature (up to 100 °C)

Our Tip: Whenever higher flexibility is wanted and/or the substrates are small to medium size, our Rapid Bond Range is the perfect option.

Our tip: For bonding and repairs of very narrow and small areas superglues are often times the ideal solution. In order to fill cracks and gaps, the viscosity is increased by additives or a gel state is created by thixotropic agents. Such types are preferably used for bonding EPDM rubber seals.

Rotabond Range

Our special MS-Polymer adhesives range

  • Rotabond Hi-Tack – our strongest adhesive with high green strength ideal for overhead applications (black colour)
  • Rotabond Fast Tack – Our fastest adhesive with extremely fast initial grab (white colour)
  • MS Clear – our transparent adhesive whenever a clear finish is needed (transparent)

HST Clear

A reinforced and high tack clear acrylic double sided tape providing a superior bond

  • Outstanding bonding properties – consistent long lasting adhesion
  • Virtually invisible after application – excellent for cosmetic fixtures and repairs

Our tip: Bonding not only saves time, it can even secure you orders. In places where drilling and screwing is forbidden or the client doesn't want any damage to the building due to doweling. Here, adhesion is your answer.

Our tip: When it comes to the advantages of bonding in general, adhesive tapes are also very helpful. Our High Strength Tape Clear is perfectly transparent and especially designed for permanent bonding in exterior and interior applications. It can replace riveting, welding, liquid glues and other permanent fasteners.

Special Tapes Category

When handling a large amount of different, sensitive materials, special tapes can be the answer. Be it substituting conventional adhesives or simply to store foils or tarpaulins.

Easy Bind

A high quality fastener based on the principle of interlocking mushroom heads

  • Simplifies repositioning during pad printing – the high shear strength ensures a secure hold during the pad printing process
  • Also usable for attaching type plates, emblems, mirrors, cover strips, etc.
  • Acrylic adhesive – UV resistant, weather-proof and bonds to a variety of surfaces

Easy Grip

A high quality micro-snap fastener which provides a solid connection

  • Often used as velcro tape to protect the high quality digital films during storage – important & useful
  • Does not damage the surface due to its fine microstructure and can be re-used many times
  • Burn resistant – conforms to FMVSS 302

Our tip: In advertising technology, special staples are often used to hold high-quality films for digital printing together for storage and transport. These staples can leave marks later. Easy Bind offers a non-adhesive solution that causes no damage and can be used again and again.

Our tip: For printing merchandise such as lighters, ballpoint pens, pocket knives etc. the position of the logo and text can change. Due to the high tensile strength of the Velcro tape, the logo/text always remains in the same position during printing but can also be easily moved into another position.

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