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Our Values

Like all companies of the Berner Group, we feel committed to six core values. They form our group-wide corporate culture and provide the framework for the actions and decisions of all our employees.



We have the courage to stray from the beaten and comfortable path in order to dare something new.

If mistakes happen, we face them, learn from them and together we gain something.


We are driven by an unconditional motivation and are convinced that giving a bit more is worth it. We set big targets for ourselves and pursue them with total commitment.


Knowledge means getting a jump on the market. We maximise our networking in order to share and pool our know-how and our experiences.

In this way we develop the best possible solutions for our customers together.


We take responsibility for the consequences of our actions. Therefore, we have a strong sense of responsibility, think sustainably and act responsibly.


We are authentic, say what we think and do what we say. Commitment, honesty and humanity prevail.


We do not believe in false modesty and are convinced: those who give top performances on a daily basis are allowed to be proud.

We celebrate successes achieved and use them to create energy to spur on future top performances. Our employees are proud to be part of a strong team – and we are proud of our employees.

Experiencing values — every day, again and again!

As CEO of the Berner Group, I am proud to say that 9,000 employees in three business units at 60 locations jointly align our group of companies to the future. My father, Albert Berner, the company’s founder, already shaped the Berner Group through the values on which his actions were based, thus leading it to success. This history of success and the values on which it rests will also shape us in the future and form part of our values. Another part provides the basis for mastering the global challenges of the 21st century with courage and agility.

I am committed to these values and vouch for these values being lived in the Berner Group – every day, again and again!

be Berner Group!

Yours, CAWB

Berner Group Value Award 2017

A year ago, we presented a campaign encompassing our joint vision and six corporate values ​​for courageously and flexibly meeting the global challenges of the 21st century together.

Each of the values ​​has a special meaning for inspiring employees in their daily collaborative work. Small, individual actions and personal attitude in the company are highly relevant for the future of the entire corporate group.

We looked for stories in the organisations in which our employees experienced or brought one of these values ​​to life during their daily professional life – either consciously or unconsciously.

Numerous submissions were discussed by a jury and evaluated according to defined criteria. Here we present some of these stories:

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