Clean Your Garage

Top quality products for garage and workshop cleaning Professional work needs a clean work environment. This applies especially to garages where dealing with oily substances and tough stains are part of the daily routine. With the product range Clean Your Garage, KENT offers you a reliable and complete range of quality products for cleaning your garage and workshop. Simple and efficient to use. Pleasant fragrance and convincing results. Because all products in this range are free from silicones, safe use in paint shops and body shops is assured. Clean Your Garage is classic KENT. Developed by professionals for professionals. This product range is the result of our know-how acquired through the experience of over 75 years in the development of premium products for professional cleaning, care and maintenance. Beyond this, we have listened to customers suggestions and ideas for improvement right from the start in developing this range. The result is something to be proud of: Whether shop floors, surfaces, furnishings, sanitary, leisure or office rooms – the Clean Your Garage product range is the clean solution for your entire operation. Test it for yourself!

Floor cleaning

Floors are often subject to tough stains. Regardless whether in wash bays, wash stations, social rooms, shops or offices – the floor cleaners from KENT rid your floors effectively yet quickly and gently from dust, dirt, oil, grease and deposits such as limescale or brake dust. A sustained perfect shine and pleasant fragrance are the result
Floor Cleaner High-concentration cleaning agent for manual useThe high-quality cleaning agent dissolves stains such as oils, greases, waxes, soot and greasy deposits from tiles, PVCC floors, concrete and clinker floors and many other washable surfaces. KENT Floor Cleaner develops little foam and is strongly de-emulsifying.ApplicationKENT Floor Cleaner can be applied by spraying or wiping. Dosing depends on the degree of soiling.
Medium and light soiling: 1:50 to 1:100
Heavy soiling: 1:10 to 1:30
Extreme soiling: 1:1 to 1:10
  • High material compatibility
  • De-emulsifying properties
  • Economical in its use
  • Universal application
Floor Cleaner Machine Cleaning agent for use in floor cleaning machinesKENT Floor Cleaner Machine is a highly concentrated active cleaning agent developed specifically for use in floor cleaning machines for cleaning heavily stained floors. Also for cleaning of sealed and unsealed workshop floors (e.g. concrete flooring, epoxy-coated floors) as well as tiles.Application
  1. Use cleaning agent diluted at 0.5% – 5%
  2. For optimal results, pre-spray area to be cleaned, if necessary
  • Suitable for use with all common floor cleaning machines
  • Great dirt carrying capacity and low-foaming
  • NTA-free
Wash Bay Cleaner Powerful cleaning concentrate for wash bays and wash stationsKENT Wash Bay Cleaner is an acidic high-performance product removing stubborn dirt deposits, especially for wash bays and wash stations. Cleaning limescale, brake dust as well as oil and grease residues and extremely stained floors is no problem.Application
  1. Depending on the degree of soiling, dilute at ratio of 1:2 to 1:10
  2. Spray on the surface to be treated, do not create mist
  3. Allow to soak briefly, do not allow to become dry
  4. Follow up by flushing with a cold water jet, preferably with high pressure
  • Works quickly and very effectively
  • Economical in its use
Citrus Floor Cleaner Universal cleaner with a pleasant citrus fragranceThe pH-neutral concentrate cleans all washable surfaces such as plastic, ceramics, tiles, natural and synthetic stone, painted surfaces and floors. KENT Citrus Floor Cleaner is free from phosphates and formaldehyde. The universal cleaner leaves a long lasting citrus room fragrance.Application
  1. Depending on the desired intensity of fragrance and degree of soiling dilute 1 part KENT Citrus Floor Cleaner with 40 to 100 parts of water
  2. Let floors dry without subsequent wiping
  • PH neutral
  • Gentle on materials
  • Pleasant fresh fragrance

Glass cleaning

KENT Glass Cleaners put a stop to dirt, streaks, stripes and water spots. Whether windows or other glass surfaces – without much effort and bothersome subsequent wiping you will always achieve quick and perfect results with the highly effective glass cleaners from KENT, which leave a long-lasting fresh fragrance.
Glass Kleen 2 Effective foam cleaner in a spray canThe quick and effective KENT glass cleaner removes grease, oil, insects, nicotine deposits, evaporation from plastic surfaces as well as other types of stains on glass and paint coats; leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance. KENT Glass Kleen 2 flashes off without streaks and stripes.Application
  1. Spray KENT Glass Kleen 2 evenly on the surface to be cleaned
  2. Use the KENT Glass Cloth to wipe dry
  • Does not leave any residues
  • Flashes off without streaks and stripes
  • Rids glass of stubborn deposits
Concentrated Glass Kleen High-concentration glass cleaner with anti-fogging effectThe high-concentration KENT glass cleaner quickly penetrates dirt and loosens it from glass surfaces. The concentrate with deodorising substances flashes off quickly and leaves a pleasant fragrance.Application
  1. Mixing directions: 1 Part KENT Concentrated Glass Kleen on 40 parts of water
  2. Spray a uniform mist of KENT Glass Kleen solution on the glass surface to be cleaned
  3. Use the KENT Glass Cloth to wipe dry
  • High dissolving and cleaning strength
  • Flashes off quickly
  • Anti-fogging effect

All-purpose cleaning

The All-Purpose Cleaners from KENT are true all-rounders. Very effective yet economical in their use, they clear the complete workshop and garage environment from stubborn dirt and also clean textiles, glass surfaces, plastic and much more. Orange Terpene Orange Terpene is produced from orange peels. The oil of the orange peel increases the cleaning power, allowing even stubborn stains such as grease, soot, paint and adhesive residues to dissolve easily. Also, the aroma effect of the oil gives off a pleasant citrus fragrance after cleaning. In addition, special additives and viscous, properties facilitate quick drying and a short cleaning time.
Citrus Cleaner Quick and effective intensive cleaning based on citrus peel extractsQuick, effective and intensive cleaning based on citrus peel extracts. KENT Citrus Cleaner removes residues such as oil, grease, adhesive and paint residues with high dissolving strength. It leaves a pleasant fresh citrus fragrance in its wake. Furthermore, special additives ensure quick cleaning and drying.Application
  1. Apply the product to the surface to be cleaned
  2. Wipe off with a micro-fibre cloth after a short soaking time
  • Strong solvent action
  • Free from CHC and CFC
  • Dries quickly and guarantees short cleaning times
Multi Cleaner Gel Viscous and highly concentrated water-based intensive cleanerKENT Multi Cleaner Gel is a water-based, highly concentrated intensive cleaner for the removal of plant and mineral oils and greases, soot, paint residues and much more. The viscous formulation facilitates optimal adhesion to vertical surfaces. The alkaline cleaner does not attack the material despite thorough dirt dissolving power.Application
  1. Spray the surface to be cleaned
  2. Wipe off after a short soaking time
  • Optimal adhesion on vertical surfaces
  • Free from NTA and phosphates
  • Gentle on the material despite of strong cleaning action
New All Purpose Foam Cleaner All-purpose foam cleaner for non-streaking and residue-free finishThe KENT New All Purpose Foam Cleaner is an all-purpose room cleaner with a broad range of applications. This all-rounder can be used both on firm and soft surfaces. The KENT New All Purpose Foam Cleaner cleans quickly and easily, leaves a shiny, streak free finish and a fresh fragrance.Application
  1. Spray on the surface from a distance of approx. 25 to 30 cm
  2. Rub dry with a clean cloth
  3. Repeat in case of heavy soiling
  • Dries quickly and easy to use Streakfree
  • Cleanliness and bright shine
  • Does not contain D-limonene
Multi Cleaner Reliable water-based multi-purpose cleanerThe KENT Multi Cleaner is an effective universal cleaner that cleans many different surfaces thoroughly. With this all-rounder, paints can be cleared of insects as well as cleaning textile and fabric parts cleaned effectively. KENT Multi Cleaner is silicon-free and is not acid-based so is suitable for safe use in paint shops and body shops.Application
  1. Spray the surface to be cleaned, remove stubborn dirt with a brush
  2. Wash off with water and dry with a cloth or in the air
  • Silicone free, not acid based
  • Reliable finish
  • Safe use in paint and body shops

Wash room cleaning

Especially in wash rooms, visitors and customers along with employees appreciate good hygiene and conditions. Whether shower, wash basin, tiles or toilet – the sanitary cleaners from KENT remove urine stains, limescale and organic deposits quickly and without residues and they do not attack seals and piping.
Toilet Cleaner Cleaning gel for toilets and urinalsThe KENT Toilet Cleaner is a highly concentrated, quick gel-type toilet cleaner for removing urine stains, limescale and other deposits. The medium viscosity cleaning gel with bonding action removes soiling and odours. It leaves a pleasant fresh fragrance in its wake. The product is free from hydrochloric acid.Application
  1. Apply the cleaning gel under the rim of the bowl
  2. Allow to react for approx. 5-30 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling
  3. Remove tough deposits with the WC brush
  4. Flush the toilet
  • Excellent adhesion on vertical surfaces
  • Removes soiling and odours
  • Free of hydrochloric acid
Sanitary Cleaner & Descaler Sterk geconcentreerde sanitairreiniger en ontkalkerSanitary Cleaner & Descaler van KENT verwijdert vuil en minerale afzettingen zoals kalk, ijzersulfaten en roestplekken. De microdeeltjes vormen een water- en vuilafstotende laag.Application
  1. Afhankelijk van de vervuiling met maximaal 10 delen water verdunnen
  2. Het product aanbrengen – bijv. met de pomp acon van KENT
  3. Het materiaal grondig met water afspoelen/li>
  • Vuil- en waterafstotende laag
  • Hoge materiaalverdraagzaamheid
Drain Cleaner Drain cleaner to remove deposits and hairA high concentration, fast liquid drain cleaner to remove hair and organic deposits from siphons, pipes and drains. It penetrates even the toughest clogging in a few minutes. Pipes and seals are not attacked in the process.ApplicationPreventive cleaning
  1. Mix KENT Drain Cleaner with hot water (90 – 95 °C) at a ratio of 1:5
  2. Allow the mixture to penetrate the deposits for up to an hour
  3. Always flush with water after use
Acute cleaning
  1. Mix KENT Drain Cleaner with hot water (90 – 95°C) at a ratio of 1:3
  2. Allow the mixture to penetrate the deposits for up to an hour
  3. Always flush with water after use
  • Dissolves stubborn blockages
  • Gentle to materials

Room refreshing

Werkplaatsen, kleedkamers, wachtruimten en andere bedrijfsruimten kunnen regelmatig onaan- genaam gaan ruiken. De luchtverfrissers van KENT neutraliseren dergelijke nare geurtjes binnen slechts enkele seconden en verspreiden een lang aanhoudende aangename geur in de ruimte.
Air Jet High-performance room sprayKENT Air Jet is a high-performance room spray to neutralise unpleasant odours within seconds, and is available in citrus, cranberry and cotton fresh fragrances. The active fragrance ingredients are strong and long lasting in many different areas of applications, such as workshops, locker rooms, staff rooms and all rooms where a fresh fragrance is desired.Application
  1. Spray KENT Air Jet for max. 1 second in the middle of the room
  2. Repeat the application if necessary
  • Immediate neutralisation of odours
  • Strong and long lasting fragrance in seconds
  • Available in three different fragrances
Odour Remover pH-neutral odour removerThe KENT Odour Remover quickly, thoroughly and sustainably eliminates unpleasant odours. What‘s more, the development of new odours is prevented. The pH-neutral odour remover has a long-term effect through neutralising micro-organismsApplication
  1. Spray thinly and uniformly on the surface to be treated. Repeat if required.
  • Long-lasting action through natural micro-organisms
  • pH-neutral

Skin cleaning and care

The KENT cleaning and care products for skin and hair help your employees clean off dirt, oil, grease, paint and adhesive residues. What‘s more, pH-neutral care lotions and natural formulations make sure the worn skin does not dry out.
Skin-Barrier Lotion High-quality protective lotion for the skinThe KENT Skin Barrier Lotion protects the skin against a variety of watery and non-watery substances such as cooling lubricants, diluted acids and alkaline solutions, oil, greases, tar, bitumen, paints, varnishes but also adhesives and sealants. The high-quality polymer based protective lotion contains a combination of active ingredients, is pH-neutral and silicon free and, of course, dermatologically tested.Application
  1. Apply before handling soiling and/or harmful substances
  • Reliable protection against harmful substances
  • Protects the skin against loss of moisture
  • pH-neutral, silicone-free and dermatologically tested
Hand Cleaning Soap Liquid hand cleaning soap for regular useThe KENT Hand Cleaning Soap is a liquid, skin-friendly hand cleaning soap with outstanding care properties as well as a pleasant fragrance.Benefits
  • Outstanding care properties
  • pH-neutral and dermatologically tested
General Hand Cleaner Highly effective hand cleaner which is gentle on the skinThe KENT General Hand Cleaner is a highly effective hand cleaner, which is gentle on the skin, but stubborn on stains such as oil and grease residues. A small amount is adequate for removing even the most stubborn stains by deeply cleansing the skin. The cleaner is silicon-free and contains skin-friendly tensides as well as natural, high-quality fatty acids.Application
  1. Apply product with dispenser to avoid contamination of the lotion
  2. Rub in the hands to dissolve the dirt
  3. Rinse off thoroughly with clean water
  4. Dry hands well and, if necessary, apply care agent
  • Does not attack the skin and maintains its natural protective film
  • pH-neutral, silicone-free and dermatologically tested
  • Removes stubborn dirt
Paint Hand Cleaner Highly effective hand cleaning pasteThe effective KENT Hand Cleaning Paste removes paints, acrylic paints, resins and adhesive thoroughly from the hands without attacking the natural protective film of the skin. KENT Paint Hand Cleaner is silicon-free and dermatologically testedApplication
  1. Apply KENT Paint Hand Cleaner
  2. Rub in the hands until the dirt has dissolved
  3. Rinse off thoroughly with water
  4. Dry hands well and, if necessary, apply care agent
  • Does not attack the skin and maintains its natural protective film
  • pH-neutral, silicone-free and dermatologically tested
  • Removes stubborn dirt
Skin Care Lotion High-quality skin care lotionKENT Skin Care Lotion is a high-quality skin care lotion which is suitable for all types of skin. The care product, rich in active ingredients, provides care and protects skin subjected to light and heavy strain. The skin care lotion is pH-neutral, silicon free and dermatologically testedApplication
  1. Apply to the skin after cleaning
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • pH-neutral, silicone-free and dermatologically tested

Office equipment cleaning

The EDP Cleaner from KENT developed for, amongst other things, the cleaning and care of PCs, smartphones, tablets, phones and monitor screens. The sprays clean gently yet thoroughly and do not attack the sensitive surfaces.
Screen Cleaner Streak-free cleaning with good material compatibilityKENT Screen Cleaner cleans screens, smartphones, tablets, touchpads, keyboards and sensitive devices in the office area quickly and hygienically without leaving streaks. The cleaning product dissolves light grease marks, removes dust and fingerprints and the like and helps protect against further dirt.Application
  1. Spray KENT Screen Cleaner on the surface to be cleaned
  2. Polish with a clean cloth
  3. Do not allow the product to dry
  4. To clean electronic or sensitive devices spray KENT Screen Cleaner on a cloth and then wipe off.
  • Anti-static
  • Maintains and preserves the equipment
  • Does not leave any streaks
Blow Jet Non-flammable “duster from a spray can”KENT Blow Jet is a high-pressure spray with non-flammable, pure and completely dry air to remove dust, dirt, lint as well as other dry particles from equipment items. It is neither abrasive nor caustic and does not contain CFC, or 1,1,1 trichloroethane.Application
  1. Shut off the power supply of devices to be cleaned
  2. Spray on KENT Blow Jet and allow to flash off well
  3. Connect devices again to the power supply
  • Sensitive components are not damaged
  • Germ-free
  • Does not contain CFC or 1,1,1 trichloroethane

Oil spot and spill removal

KENT has developed highly effective cleaners for the special removal of soiling such as oil spots and liquid residues. They do not only clean coated workshop floors and tiles quickly and thoroughly but also uncoated floors such as car parks, loading ramps and offices.
Oil Absorbend Granules Oil absorbent granulate with high absorption powerA light granulate that quickly binds spilled liquids thus leaving a clean and skid-resistant surface. The granulate is non-flammable, chemically stable and is the solution for absorbing spilled, nonaggressive liquids such as oil, solvents, mild acids and alkaline solutions.Application
  1. Apply the “light brown“ granulate on the liquid, do not work in
  2. A clean, skid-resistant surface develops after a few minutes which can be picked up and disposed of easily
  • High liquid absorption capacity
  • Leaves a clean, skid-resistant surface
Liquid Absorbent Granules Quick absorption agent for aqueous liquidsKENT Liquid Absorbent Granules quickly and effectively bind aqueous liquids such as beverages, body fluids, blood or liquid polymers. The absorption agent forms a dry, stable, non-sticky gel which is easy to remove from the substrate. It can then be picked up conveniently with a shovel or broom; mopping up is not necessary. Unpleasant odours are covered by a pleasant fresh fragrance.Application
  1. Apply a thin, uniform layer to the liquid, do not work in
  2. The granulate turns into a gel-type structure after a few minutes which can be picked up and disposed of easily
  • Absorbs up to 100 times the amount of its own weight in liquid
  • Forms an easy to pick up gel
  • Counteracts unpleasant fragrances
Oil Stain Remover Highly effective oil spot removerThe KENT Oil Stain Remover lets you remove oil spots on garage and basement floors, beneath engines and machinery, in repair shops, petrol stations and on car parts.Application
  1. The substrate must be dry
  2. Shake the product well and apply to the substrate
  3. Allow to soak; a white absorbing crust will form
  4. Brush or vacuum it off after successful drying
  • Reliably removes penetrated oil and diesel spots
  • Highly effective on most hard surfaces
  • Easy to remove after curing


Practical accessories round off the Clean Your Garage product range. Whether gloves, micro-fibre cloths, pump sprayer, bucket or measuring cups – KENT leaves nothing to be desired in regards to simple and perfect garage cleaning.
Nitril Gloves Gloves from blue nitrileThe KENT Nitrile Glove is a protective glove for comfortable and safe working when handling many different chemicals. The gloves are made from blue nitrile and are open at the wrist.Benefits
  • Open end at the wrist
  • Resistant against many solvents and chemicals
  • Optimal fit for excellent flexibility
Superglove Finite Nitrile Gloves Disposable nitrile gloves The KENT Superglove Finite Nitrile Gloves offer better puncture and abrasion resistance than natural rubber or vinyl. The disposable gloves have excellent grip, both while wet and dry and can be worn on either hand. What‘s more, they have greater tear resistance and are more resistant against chemicals.Benefits
  • Optimal fit for excellent flexibility
  • Excellent tactile sensation
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and people with latex allergy
Mechanic Gloves Multiple-use, seamless and very elastic all-purpose knitted glovesThe KENT Universal Glove with a polyurethane coating on the grip area and fingers are pleasant to wear and prevent sweaty hands thanks to the soft and breathable fabric on the back. The multiple-use all-purpose knitted glove features excellent abrasion, cutting, tearing and perforation resistance.Benefits
  • Guarantees good tactile sensation
  • Silicon-free, CE symbol
  • Reusable
Micro-fibre cloths Cleaning and care for all surfacesKENT Micro-fibre cloths are optimal for cleaning any surface and do not leave any scratch marks. In its dry condition, the cloth removes dust through its static effect. However, the micro-fibre cloth can also be used when moist and wet.Benefits
  • Specialised cloths in the assortment, 3 for universal cleaning and 1 for glass cleaning
  • High absorption power, cleans without streaks and lint
  • Can be used dry, moist and wet
Pump sprayer Universal application The universal use KENT pump spray bottle represents an environmentally friendly method of spraying liquids from larger containers. The KENT pump spray bottle is easy to use and features adjustable nozzles – for a long spray jet or a fine atomiser.Application
  1. Fill in with the liquid while observing the necessary safety precautions
  2. Firmly screw on the lid and pump by hand to generate the required pressure
  • Resistant against many chemicals and solvents
  • Visible filling level indicator as well as adjustable nozzles
  • Adjustable nozzle
12l bucket The KENT 12l bucket has been specifically developed for common floor cleaning systems. Thanks to its shape, optimal and convenient squeezing of the cleaning tool, such as sponges, mopping rags, etc. is possible. In addition, the pouring spout facilitates the safe pouring out of the dirty water. The stable and ergonomic handle rests securely in its bracket even with larger loads.ApplicationBenefits
  • Safe pouring through the pouring spout
  • Stable and ergonomic handle
  • Good storage in the cleaning utility cabinet because of its form
1l measuring cup Measuring vessel with scale printed on both sidesThe KENT 1l measuring cup with stable and ergonomic handle features an easy to read scale on both sides so that the volume can be read equally well by left-handed and right-handed people.Benefits
  • Stable, ergonomic handle
  • Volume scale on both sides
  • Stackable
Wall dispenser for 2l soft bottlesThe KENT wall dispenser for the 2l soft bottles (KENT Hand Cleaning Soap and KENT General Hand Cleaner) is a sturdy plastic dispenser; which ensures exact and economic dispensing and can also be locked.Benefits
  • Sturdy plastic dispenser
  • Exact and economic dispensing
  • Lockable