Fine Line Tape

Masking tape for multi colour and design paint jobs

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Features & Benefits

  • Universal, for curves & straight lines - non wrinkle
  • Flat lay down giving sharp paint lines - non crease
  • Leaves no residue when removed - no paint build up
  • Does not distort unevenly when elongated - easy to use
  • Translucent when applied ensuring total adhesion and visible masking/painting lines - flexible


1. Ensure surfaces to be masked are clean and free of dust.
2. Apply tape to area to be masked following the contours required.
3. Apply pressure to the surface of the tape on bends and corners to ensure product remains flat.
4. Mask the remainder of the area
5. Paint the vehicle.
6. Once the paint is dry remove all the masking materials.
7. Once the tape is removed, inspect the edges and polish if necessary


5 PC;3 mm x 55 m Orange 85720 TDS
5 PC;6 mm x 55 m Orange 85721 TDS
5 PC;9 mm x 55 m Orange 85722 TDS
5 PC;12 mm x 55 m Orange 85723 TDS
6 PC: 2 x 85720 + 2 x 85721 + 1 x 85722 + 1 x 85723 Orange 85740 TDS

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