PTFE+ Lubricant

A high quality triple action lubricant – penetrating, lubricating and depositing a PTFE coating providing tough, dry, long term protection.

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Features & Benefits

  • Leaves surface coating of PTFE on all areas - provides long term lubrication, even after solvents have flashed off
  • NSF H1 registered - safe for incidental food contact
  • Penetrant and lubricant in one - penetrates to leave a lubricant coating in close fitting components
  • Clear formulation - for use in visible areas


1. Shake aerosol well before use.
2. Brush away any surface rust.
3. Spray onto selected area.
4. Allow to penetrate.
5. Use extension straw for difficult to reach areas.
6. PTFE + lubricant leaves a PTFE coating which will continue to lubricate even when dry.


500 ml Transparent 84065 SDS TDS
150 ml Transparent 85540 SDS TDS

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