Proseal 303

Brushable and sprayable MS Polymer based sealant developed for body seam sealing, noise reduction coatings and OEM stone protection of sills, underbody and wheelhouses. Compatible with leading automotive paints.

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Features & Benefits

  • Isocyanates and solvents free
  • Medium to low viscosity - replicates the smooth OEM structure on sills
  • Good spray ability - easy to apply with little or no overspray
  • Excellent finish structure - replicates OEM finish
  • Relatively fast skinning/cure speed - fast paint over & allows handling after short time
  • Good paint adhesion with leading automotive paint technologies


1. Clean surface with KENT Acrysol or Soft Surface Cleaner and allow to dry.
2. Spray Proseal with KENT Multigun, adjusting the pressure to suit the application (see gun instructions).
3. Paint, if required, once skin has formed (15 to 30 minutes in standard conditions). Paint within 4 hours maximum.


290 ml Black 85119 SDS
290 ml Beige 85473 SDS
290 ml Grey 85616 SDS

Virucides complies with EN14476

Air Co One Shot and Surface Clean & Disinfect
not only clean and disinfect,
they also act against enveloped viruses.

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