Fast Cut Polish

2 in 1 polishing compound

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Features & Benefits

  • 2 in 1 polishing compound - When using a wool or hard pad, compound removes up to P1200 scratches. When using a medium or soft pad, compound leaves a perfect finish, hologram free - Reduced working time, reduced costs
  • Latest technology - Up to 3 x longer durability during polishing process compared to traditional compounds which get ‘dusty’ after a couple of minutes
  • Thin polish pads - Less storage space needed, easy to clean
  • Ammonia & silicone free - Body, and paint shop safe and environmentally friendly


Best results can be achieved by using the thin polish pads in order Bordeaux, Grey, Yellow.
This will provide a perfect, glossy, hologram free finish and remove scratches up to P1500 using an orbital polisher (thin pads do not work with rotary polishers).
Good results for a faster detailing can be achieved by using just the purple foam pad with an orbital or rotary polisher.
Polish the surface using medium pressure and speed until scratches and imperfections have been removed.
Reduce the pressure and increase the speed to allow the polishing action to start.
After polishing the surface, remove residues with an adequate microfiber cloth.
Do not use excessive quantity of product and do not add water during the polishing process


1 l Grey 86415 SDS

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