One-Step water based abrasive cleaning and preparation system.

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Features & Benefits

  • 3-in-1 Saves Time - Triple-action : abrades, cleans and completely degreases
  • Consistent even key - enhances coating adhesion by creating smooth even surface preventing any ‘swelling’ in blend areas. Prevents problems of scratches or tramlines that can sometimes appear through the clear coat
  • Easy to apply - Works fast in ideal combination with nylon finishing pads maintaining consistent abrasive action
  • Can be used with pure cotton cloth for areas around trim or under seals
  • Corners and crevices - Uniform matting and cleaning action gives the perfect key in hard-to-reach areas / e.g: doorjambs and sills, drip channels, door locks, handles etc.
  • Water-based - Easy to wipe off & no residues to impair paint adhesion
  • No problems - Non-staining on rubber mouldings or trims
  • Silicone free


1. Shake well before use.
2. Wash away from surface area any large dirt particles that can cause scratches.
3. Using clean water, dampen the nylon' hand pad
wring-out any excess water.
4. Apply Abraprep to hand pad or direct to panel (allowing approximately 10gms. per average sized panel).
5. Using medium to firm pressure abrade surface using even pad strokes in a criss-cross action, until the panel is thoroughly cleaned and the desired matt finish is obtained.
6. Remove any residues using Kent Finishing cloths.
7. Then wipe abraded surface with a damp cloth, to remove any residues.
8. Then follow regular painting process.


362 ml Grey 85754 SDS TDS

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