Sound Deadening Pads

Flexible laminated sound damping pads made of a mixture of bitumen, copolymers and fillers designed to give extremely good flexibility with ease of application to all areas of the motor vehicle.

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Features & Benefits

  • Replaces damaged O.E.M. pads - OEM Finish
  • Highly flexible - can be applied to flat, curved or waved surfaces and will follow all body contours
  • Self-adhesive - will adhere to bare and painted metals
  • High noise suppression characteristics - will reduce airborne noises and insulate against impact noises
  • Wide operating temp range - Safe under extreme weather conditions
  • Compatible with most automotive paints - Can be overpainted
  • Can cut with cutter/scissors - Easy adapting to needed shapes


1. Clean metal surface with Acrysol and allow to dry.
2. Pad surface must be in total contact with the substrate, avoiding formation of bubbles.
3.If desired, cute pad to size, peel off backing and press in place.
4.Overpaint as required.


20 PC 34652 SDS TDS

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