Sili Gasket 2

An RTV Gasket Compound packaged in an easy to use and waste free pressurised container.

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Features & Benefits

  • Pressurized container - no wastage
  • Can be applied through grease and oil for easy dis-assembly - saves time and money
  • Conforms to GM 9985443 - meets OEM requirements
  • Sensor safe - will not damage sensors or catalytic converters


1. Ensure all surfaces are dry and clean.
2. Completely remove all oil and grease with KENT Acrysol.
3. Extrude as required.
Not recommended for continuous immersion in petrol, diesel, acids or hydrocarbons.
N.B.: KENT Siligasket 2 can be applied to oily greasy surfaces and then it can be easily dis-assembled.


200 ml Black 34337 SDS TDS
200 ml Black 34339 SDS TDS
100 ml Black 84179 SDS TDS