SG15 is a friction gel that is designed to assist in the removal of stripped or damaged screw-heads and other fixings.

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Features & Benefits

  • • Aids in removing damaged screw heads - saves time and money
  • • Can be used on crosshead, phillips, torx, allen head and other fixings - multi use product
  • • Increases torque between 400–800% - makes removing fixings easy
  • • Prevents damage to tools - saves money and unnecessary tool replacement
  • • Can also be used on rounded off nuts - wide range of applications
  • • Approved for use on Boeing Airline Jets, Military Fighter Jets & the RAF, Richland, UK


1. Apply a drop of SG15 to the damaged screw head.
2. Work product into the screw head with the tool.
3. Undo or do up the fastener as normal.


15 ml Grey/blue 86087 SDS TDS