Oil Enhancer

An advanced multi function formulation oil additive specifically designed to improve engine life by increasing the performance and life of the engine oil as well as reducing friction.

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Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with all mineral and synthetic oils
  • Increased Levels of Anti-wear Additives - Reduces wear and friction on all moving parts
  • Increased Levels of Viscosity Improvers - Reduces oil consumption, stops minor oil leaks, reduces engine smoke
  • Contains Friction Modifiers - Improves cold starting and aids fuel consumption
  • Reduces Engine Component Corrosion and oxidation of the engine oil


Before filling the engine with clean oil at the service interval, add one 250-ml treatment of KENT Oil Enhancer to the engine crankcase, before topping up with lubricating oil to the specified level.
Alternatively, if adding to engine between service oil changes, add Kent Oil Enhancer to engine crankcase before topping off with engine oil to the correct level.


250 ml Dark brown 83640 SDS TDS