Anaerobic Activator

Solvent-based activator for increasing the cure speed of anaerobic adhesives

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Features & Benefits

  • Speeds up cure time - for faster return to service
  • NSF K1 registered - for use in food-processing environment


1. Apply KENT Anaerobic Activator on all metal parts to be assembled and allow 30 to 60 seconds to dry.
2. Assemble parts immediately using the KENT anaerobic adhesive which is required for the application, referring to the relevant product technical data sheet.
3. The time needed to reach initial strength will be reduced to approx. 20 to 120 seconds and varies depending on the type of anaerobic adhesive and the application conditions (temperature, nature of the surfaces to be bonded, thread size, gap size, etc.)
NB: the solvent can affect certain surfaces like plastics and coatings. It is recommended to check compatibility before use.


200 ml Transparent 86545 SDS