Perfect Inox

An easy to use and extremely effective cleaner for Stainless steel surfaces, with NSF approval, which leaves a protective coating to resist further tainting or marking.

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Features & Benefits

  • NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) approved - Safe for use in food proximity areas
  • Removes general dirt, contamination, light grease, cooking fat and food residue - Easily cleans to save time and effort
  • Helps protect surfaces against water or tainting marks - Retain a quality finish for longer
  • Fast acting and easy to use - Saves time and effort


1. Shake can well.
2. Remove surplus grease or grime with spatula or scraper.
3. Spray lightly over the surface to be cleaned
4. Using a damp cloth, wipe soiled area.
5. Polish dry with a lint-free cloth.


500 ml Transparent 84119 SDS TDS

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