Conductalloy Super Set

Low temperature solder with non-corrosive flux

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Features & Benefits

  • Premium quality - excellent tensile strength and torsion
  • Silver content - better prevents embossing
  • Flows through all the strands of the wire - for a solid bond
  • Low meting temperature - melt at 180ºC and solidify 1 or 2ºC below.
  • Turpentine - based flux (non-conductive) - allows to solder of oxidized wires
  • No waste - instant setting with no drips or run off
  • Repair leaks - e.g. in air conditioning coils


Conductalloy Super Set solder immediately after the heat source has been removed and solidifies as soon as the temperature starts to fall below 180° C
Low Super- active stripper that allows for successful and clean connections.
Melting temperature (20º C lower than ordinary solder) which prevents deterioration of heat sensitive parts
Immediate grip, avoiding unreliable connections or cooling shocks
Wire cleaning is not necessary - Conductalloy Super Set solder can be applied to dirty or oxidized copper
No mess - no drips or drips as with ordinary solders
The fittings remain excellent and durable, insensitive to vibration, tension and expansion


50 g Silver 34016 SDS

Virucides complies with EN14476

Air Co One Shot and Surface Clean & Disinfect
not only clean and disinfect,
they also act against enveloped viruses.

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