Certanium 707SP

Universal all position, high strength alloy, for repair and joining of all weldable steels.

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Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with all steels including stainless - Weld any steel with confidence in repair quality
  • One rod for all steel types - Reduced inventory/margin for error
  • Gives high strength crack free welds - Quality repair every time
  • Stable arc, even at low amps - Easy to use
  • Use to remove broken studs/bolts - Saves expensive replacement or machinery Downtime
  • Welds through contaminants and rust - Saves time in preparation


Remove any loosely adhering metal and wire brush away oxides, dirt, and any other contaminating substances.
It is not necessary to grind flame-cut edges. Use any stick electrode welding machine available.
Set the amperage within the range prescribed for the electrode size and initiate the arc.
Vary the amperage and the arc gap up or down to suit. Use any technique from stringer bead to wide weave.
The electrode lead angle is not critical – vary to suit application.
Self-releasing slag should be brushed away between passes.


4 kg Grey 23010 SDS
4 kg Grey 23011 SDS
4 kg Grey 23012 SDS
4 kg Grey 23013 SDS

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