Multi Fill

A two component polyester paste used for filling holes and imperfections in surfaces such as steel and glass reinforced plastic.

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Features & Benefits

  • Can be over-painted with most primer, paint systems - Use with confidence
  • Fast cure - Sandable 20-30 minutes at 20°C
  • Uniform smooth consistency - Can be applied with minimum mess or waste
  • High fill and non sag properties - Can be used to fill large areas in one operation
  • Excellent sandability - Will produce a professional finish


The surface to be treated must be de-rusted, degreased, dry, dust free and slightly roughened. All prior coats both unhardened lacquers and thermo plastic acrylic varnishes must be removed.
Add 2 parts of red hardener paste to 98 parts of filler.
Both components are mixed until a homogeneous shade of colour is achieved.
The mixture has a pot-life of about 4 to 6 minutes.
After 20 to 30 minutes the hardened filler will be sandable
The hardening process is accelerated by heat and delayed by cold
Always wear gloves to avoid contact of greasy fingers on vehicle, these are not always removed by panel wipes
Always use a mixing pallet, this minimises inclusion of air and reduces risk of contamination from other products
Use KENT spray guide to detect imperfections in final work.


1100 ml Beige 83332 SDS TDS
1300 ml Beige 83333 SDS TDS

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