A dye for use in conjunction with a UV lamp in identifying leak areas in Air Conditioning systems

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Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use - No lengthy training required
  • Fast and easy clean up - Saves time
  • Meets SAE J-2297 - Conforms to approved specification
  • Reduces downtime and operation costs - saves money
  • Removes guesswork - Saves time and labour.


The injection gun injects the dye into the A/C system without the need to evacuate any refrigerant. To use, proceed with the following steps:
1. Set up the UV injection gun and hose as per the instructions on the UV Gun/Hose Customer Data Sheet.

Remove the drip cap from the R-134a adapter
then connect the gun to the low side port of the A/C system. (Fig.4)
2. Inject dye into the A/C system by squeezing the trigger twice. This is enough dye for a typical vehicle. For smaller systems, squeeze the trigger only once.
3. Disconnect the adapter from A/C system
then attach the drip cap to the adapter hose.


240 ml Dark brown 85633 SDS