2K Epoxy Panel Bond

Two-component structural epoxy adhesive showing high chemical and heat resistance, for bonding steel, SMC, aluminium, composite materials and many other substrates

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Features & Benefits

  • Based on epoxy resins - for improved stiffness and light weight design
  • Bond line thickness is controlled by 0.25mm glass beads - no need to manually control the minimum bond line thickness
  • Spot weldable before full cure - no need to wait 24 hours before welding
  • Sandable and paintable
  • Withstands automotive e-coat, powder prime and paint oven temperatures up to 230°C - very resistant to heat and chemicals
  • Unique anti-corrosion formulation - ideal for hybrid assemblies of metal with different substrates
  • High energy absorption and very good crash performance - Thatcham approved
  • Universal cartridge - can be used with any standard 1K gun


1. Clean surfaces with KENT Acrysol or Soft Surface Cleaner and allow to dry.
2. Sand the surfaces lightly and degrease.
3. Before attaching the nozzle, balance the cartridge by extruding just enough product of part A and part B.
4. Attach the nozzle. Extrude and dispose of the first 2 or 3 cm of the product. Apply KENT 2K Epoxy Panel Bond as required on both surfaces to be bonded. The bond line thickness is controlled by 0,25 mm glass beads contained in the adhesive. Open time: 60 minutes * / Working time: 90 minutes*. During working time the already joined parts can still be re-positioned. Do not take the bonded assembly apart.
5. Clamp the panel for at least 4 hours *. Cure time can be accelerated (max. 150°C).
6. Allow 24 hours * to achieve full strength.
* 23°C / 55% R.H.


195 ml Black 86496 SDS

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