Fleet Treat 950

Especially formulated to treat and maintain all fuel systems contaminated with water, residues, sludge and deposits.

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Features & Benefits

  • Absorbs and suspends water, dirt, gums, residues etc. in fuel - removes contamination
  • Removes source of corrosion - helps protect the fuel system against corrosion
  • Will not damage catalytic converters - compatible with diesel & petrol engines


1. Add one 250ml bottle to 50 – 60 litres (approximately 1 part to 200 parts) of fuel.
2. For badly contaminated systems, increase the dosage level to a maximum of 1 litre of Fleet Treat 950 to 50 litres of fuel.
3. Use at regular intervals to maintain optimum fuel performance. Ideally should be used when filling the fuel tank up to aid complete mixing.
4. Use at ratio of up to 1 part 1000 parts of fuel when treating fuel storage tanks.


250 ml Blue 86700 SDS
5 l Blue 86701 SDS

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