Ceramic 1200

A very high temperature, heavy metal free grease for braking and other specialised areas.

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Features & Benefits

  • Heavy metal free (no hazardous contents) - safe to use
  • Very high temperature range: -20°C to + 1200°C - multi functional product
  • Specified for ABS braking systems / ASR (acceleration slip regulation) / ESP (electronic stability programs) - use on wide areas of application
  • Assembly or disassembly grease - easy to use, saves time
  • Contains anti corrosion inhibitor - improves corrosion resistance


1. Apply directly onto the area to be lubricated.
2. For bulk grease use with KENT Feathering brush as required.


200 g Beige 84298 SDS TDS
200 ml Beige 84335 SDS TDS
400 ml Grey 85235 SDS TDS

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