To prevent and stop refrigerant leakages on air conditioning systems

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Features & Benefits

  • Safely seals leaks of metal and rubber components in A/C systems - As an oil based sealant it will not harden, crystallize or clog the air conditioning system or refrigerant recovery equipment
  • Specially formulated for slow leaks that can occur over a 6 - 12 month period (or a leak rate up to 700 g/year) - Easy to use and thus reduces downtime and operation costs
  • Leak Guard A/C Sealer seeks out the oxygen present at the leak point
  • When combined with the pressure in the system, it‘s pushed through the leak causing it to congeal and form a permanent chemical weld at the leak source - No A/C recovery/charging machine needed, can be injected into the MAC system at anytime.
  • Contains concentrated A/C dye - Saves money on future A/C repairs by minimizing leaks and ensuring compressor remain properly lubricated
  • Leak Guard A/C Sealer is compatible with all refrigerants and ideal for preventive maintenance - Environmentally responsible service.


NB: For larger A/C systems over 750 g, 2 cartridges are recommended
Technical Information:
Kit Part Number: 85634 11

Description: Leak Guard and Injection Kit

Stock Code: LGK

Kit Includes: 1 Injection Gun

1 Primer Cartridge of Leak Guard A/C Sealer (7.5 ml)

2 Cartridges of Leak Guard A/C Sealer (30 ml)

1 Air-Bleed-Adapter 1 High-Side R134a Adapter-Hose

Packaging Type: 1 Unit per Box


30 ml Black 85634 SDS

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