Diesel Air Cleaner

Diesel Air Cleaner is specially formulated to clean air intake systems on diesel engines removing carbon deposits and soot from the intake manifold and valves, without dismantling the cylinder head. Compatible with all types of diesel engines, including EGR valves and after treatment of exhaust gases (catalytic converters, particulate filters, NOx traps).

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Features & Benefits

  • Does not require complete disassembly of the intake manifold and cylinder head - easy to use
  • Allows removal of scale and soot accumulation from the intake manifold - cleans without dismantling the cylinder head


Cleaning should be carried out in strict accordance with these instructions:
• Ensure the oil level does not exceed the max.
• Engine temperature (over 80 °C).
• Put a „KENT TURBO FAP CLEANER“ in the fuel tank.
• Pour +/- 1 l KENT Diesel Air Cleaner into steel container, fix cap/ manometer onto the bottle, apply 1.5 - 4 bar.
• Disconnect the EGR valve (helps maintain the venturi effect).
• Put an external exhaust system on the car exhaust or work in a well ventilated environment, this is essential.
• Allow the engine to run slowly.
• Position the large venturi over the mouth of the air intake,to be used for engines of 1.6 l or larger. Use the small venturi for engines of 1.6 l or less (never inject cleaner through the intercooler and/or through the turbocharger).
• Regulate the flow of product injected to keep engine knocking under control.
• If a slight knock develops, reduce the engine speed.
• At the end of cleaning, do not immediately remove the venturi, wait 5 to 10 minutes in order to drain the pipe.
• Use „KENT ENGINE FLUSH“ in the oil system.
• Perform an oil change and replace the engine oil filter.


1 l Brown 86019 SDS

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