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Windscreen Cut-Out Kit

High-strength, universal Windscreen Cut-Out tool for all types of windscreens. No more than one operator needed to cut out a windscreen.

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Features & Benefits

  • Universal - for removing all types of windscreens (passenger cars, vans, 7-seated cars, trucks, tractors, etc.)
  • Can be used with any type of high quality wire - fiber wire or steel wire
  • Pulling device made of 2 suction cups for a very high strength - it will not fall off the windscreen (the wire will snap before)
  • Additional small pulley with one suction cup - no need to constantly move the main pulling device on the windscreen
  • One-operator tool - no need to involve more than 1 person in the cut-out process of the windscreen
  • Can be used manually with a ratchet or with an electric drill - recommendation is by hand for a better feeling of the tension in the wire


1. Clean the windscreen inside the vehicle using Acrysol or All Purpose Foam Cleaner.
2. Insert the end of the wire in the eel and pull it into the inside of the car carefully. Choose the length of the wire in a way that the end of it will be passed the middle of the windscreen.
3. Attach the end of the wire to the pulling tractor (with 2 suction cups) of the Windscreen Cut-Out tool.
4. Place the pulling tractor in the middle of the windscreen. The pulling tractor has to be placed always in a way that the wire has an angle of max.45° to the windscreen in cutting direction. (The pulley with one suction cup can be used to adjust the angle of the cutting wire in relation to the cutting direction.)
7. Place the wire around the windscreen. Place it in a way that it will be below the windscreen edge and it is applied tight to the windscreen glue.
8. After the wire has been placed around the windscreen, cut the wire and fix this end to e.g. the fixing screw of a wiper arm or any other screw.
9. With a ratchet, slowly start cutting out the windscreen. To avoid damages on the dashboard or other interior covers, we recommend the use of protectors.
10. As soon as the wire has achieved an angle of less than 5° into the cutting direction, the pulling tractor has to be placed on another spot of the windscreen in a way that the wire has again an angle of max 45°. Or use the pulley with one suction cup to adjust the angle of the cutting wire.


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