Garages, bodyshops and car service companies rely on the premium products from KENT for more than 25 years. Because Professionals trust Professionals: In extensive test processes, our experts examine the performance of the products and guarantee highest quality. All automotive products are available with certificates from TÜV, TNO and other test reports.

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Performance Compound 2

Performance Compound 2 is an ultra-fine compound which is ideal for blending in, matching of gloss levels and general paint restoration. It polishes out paint imperfections on all paint finishes and residual swirlmarks and holograms.

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Features & Benefits

  • No water necessary – no mess, easy application Applicable for all automotive paint systems – bodyshop /paintshop safe Removal of scratches, no hiding of imperfections – better finish and gloss Contains lubricants – easier running of pad
  • no greasy film and extends life of foam mop Especially formulated for professional market – time saving products Creates extra deep gloss – excellent finish on surface


1. For best results use with KENT Compounding polishing pad. Machine speed: 1000 - 2000 rpm (no load). Possible Options are Lambswool for extra cut (P1500-P2000), orange foam pad for P3000 Swirl removal, black foam pad for Hologram removal.

2. Never use excessive compound. It completely removes nibs and fine flatting paint scratches if used with the lambswool pad.

3. On soft or sensitive paint or where heat build-up may be a problem, the addition of water mist to avoid any friction burn, particularly with new pads, may assist in the polishing process. But avoid using too much water.

4. When a polishing pad is activated with water, no additional water needs to be used once the pad has been impregnated with product.


1 kg white 86606