Garages, bodyshops and car service companies rely on the premium products from KENT for more than 25 years. Because Professionals trust Professionals: In extensive test processes, our experts examine the performance of the products and guarantee highest quality. All automotive products are available with certificates from TÜV, TNO and other test reports.

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Spray Dye +

A multi-purpose dye for re-colouring and restoring plastics, vinyl and rubber

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Features & Benefits

  • Quick drying time - fast turn round
  • High performance one component paint in aerosol format - no mixing required
  • Good chemical resistance & flexibility - use with confidence, no comebacks
  • Gives excellent adhesion to wide range of plastics - versatile applications


1. Ensure surface is free from dust, dirt etc.
2. Shake can thoroughly before use.
3. Clean / degrease plastic with KENT Acrysol / Soft Surface cleaner.
4. Apply 1 light even coat over the repair area.
5. Allow to dry before applying second coat.
6. Turn can upside down and spray after use to prevent clogging.


400 ml Black 34659 SDS TDS

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