Garages, bodyshops and car service companies rely on the premium products from KENT for more than 25 years. Because Professionals trust Professionals: In extensive test processes, our experts examine the performance of the products and guarantee highest quality. All automotive products are available with certificates from TÜV, TNO and other test reports.

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Sealer on a Roll - Benefit Calculator

KENT offers with a sealing tape from a roll,an effective solution for the reproduction of seal seams with an OEM finish on doors, bonnets, boot lids and more. With our practical calculator you can now easily calculate your personal time and labour cost savings.

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Sealer on a Roll enables a time-saving and perfect-looking replica of the original OEM structure of the sealing seam in various sizes. This product should not be missing in any workshop or paint shop, because our sealing tape is up to 80% faster than conventional sealants. Indicate your time, rate and material cost, - and quantity of your conventional sealant and get your individual time and wage cost savings with our sealer on a roll.

Sealer on a roll

Self-adhesive rubber based sealer tape that enable you to fasten up the sealing process up to 80% - reduce labour costs while increase productivity and makes the process safer.

  • Effective and easy to use compared to extrudable seam sealants
  • Immediate paint over - Time saving
  • Different shapes and width available - Used by many vehicle manufacturers on numerous vehicles
  • Flexible tape - Also applicable around corner
Your individual entries
⌀ Average amount of sealing work per day
⌀ Average length of sealing (m)
⌀ Gross wage costs per hour
⌀ Average hourly pay rate (gross)
⌀ Working days per month
Your time- and material cost savingsPer metreDayMonthYear
Sealing in metres
Total time for manual sealing (in hours)?
Total time for sealer on a roll sealing (in hours)
Time saving from sealer on a roll (in hours)    
Sales potential through time saved?    


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